Bilder vom Kleinen Schwarzen

‘What is the real difference between you and other hotels?’ I ask. ‘And please don’t give me any advertising jargon!’
‘We are small and beautiful, and have a black façade – hence our name!’ says Bettina.
‘But a black façade is usually a negative thing. All larger hotels are painted a brilliant white.’
‘It is what distinguishes us,’ Ralph replies.
‘Because you’re black at heart?’
They both laugh. ‘We’ve never thought of that. We just wanted to have a distinguishing trademark.’

Das kleine Schwarze lies in a quiet side street, lined with majestic horse chestnuts. You are only twenty minutes away on foot from the hip Schanze neighbourhood. And to get to St. Pauli you take the underground: the closest station is 5 minutes’ walk.
Das kleine Schwarze does have parking spaces though – but only three in total.


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