Where life meets art.

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‘What do you look for in a small hotel?’ I (Gunter Gerlach, author of this website) ask. My question is directed at Ralph Merz, and I am being taken on a tour of his hotel. ‘To feel at home and be as comfortable as possible,’ replies his wife Bettina. ‘We see ourselves as good hosts, extending an invitation to our guests.’ ‘And what about our passion for art?’ Ralph points to one of the photographs hanging on the walls. ‘Do you mean the art of living? That’s something we know a lot about!’ ‘Life is art, after all,’ says Ralph. ‘Which is why your slogan reads: Das kleine Schwarze – where life meets art. Both are perfectly at home here.’

As I already know, Das kleine Schwarze takes on a whole new look with a new exhibition every year. The rooms are completely transformed each year. So guests who return every year experience a different hotel each time. ‘Are you also a gallery?’ I ask. ‘We want to promote artists’ work and initiate a dialogue between guest and artist,’ explains Bettina Merz. Her husband continues, ‘If you wish to be inspired by art, you will find your inspiration here. And every exhibit is also for sale.’

The link to art >> www.das-kleine-schwarze.com/exhibition/