Der Garten und der Caravan

‘Spending the night in the garden. The caravan is brilliant for children,’ I would think.
Bettina opens the door to the caravan.
‘It’s perfect for families of four, because you still have to book one other room to give you access to shower and WC.’
‘Four?’ protests Bettina. ‘There’s plenty of space for three children in here.’
I have an idea: ‘And how about the caravan as separate sleeping quarters for heavy snorers?’
‘An excellent idea!’
The caravan comes fully equipped with WiFi, a heater, a fan, electric light and the garden as your living room.
And the bed is a comfy 1.40 x 2 metres.

‘Why do you describe your garden as wild?’ I ask Ralph. We sit down on a wooden bench – another artwork by the way.
‘Maybe because we don’t have an English lawn and only cut back our shrubs and trees when they block the way.
And also because there’s a caravan in the middle of it.’

Der Garten & der Caravan

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